Victor LaFitte

The Immortal - Power


Look: Male, Caucasian, business-casual clothing, professional demeanor

Gear: A palatial suite at a luxury hotel, a luxury car, a smart phone, and a silenced 9mm Glock (2-harm close)

Blood -1 | Heart +1 | Mind +2 | Spirit 0

Mortality +2 | Night 0 | Power +3 | Wild -2


The Long Game:
At the beginning of the session, hold 1 scheming. Gamble it, if you like.

Spend your scheming to:
Advance a Scheme
Add +3 to the start of session move (choose after rolling)
Claim a Debt from someone

When you gamble your scheming, roll with Mind. On a hit, choose 2 from above instead of 1. On a 7-9, you owe someone unpleasant a Debt for their help. On a miss, lose your scheming or attract unwanted attention.

When you Keep Your Cool in a social situation,roll with Heart instead of Spirit.

Neck Deep In It
You’ve been in the city a long time. Add +1 to any Faction that’s not your own.

Debts – Who Owes Me?

2 debts – I help Hawkins keep the police off his back using my wealth to tangle things up in the legal system.

2 debts – I have been watching Elouise’s ancestry closely, keeping her safe from harm. Her ancestor showed me a kindness when I was in trouble.

Alliance – Earning the allegiance of Hawkins’ gang.
12:00 – 6:00 – Held a massive block party in the 9th Ward in Hawkins’ neighborhood, made sure to showcase myself and to pump up Hawkins as an important community organizer.

Stewardship – Regain control of the de la Ronde estate I left behind without getting noticed


My Sad Tale

To the general public I am known as Victor Lafitte, former son of New Orleans returned to help run and expand New Horizons Collegiate Prep charter schools in the Recovery School District, primarily in the 9th Ward. With the passing of Act 35 in 2005, Louisiana’s schools were put under emergency status allowing a plethora of privately run charter schools to establish themselves, particularly in New Orleans. I was just another benevolent philanthropist trying to give back to a community that was not afforded the privileges I had.

In reality I began my life as Oscar Wecker, a German immigrant in the 1840s, and I was killed by crooked men that plied me with drink and stabbed me in an alley way for a pathetic pittance of money. My body was dumped in the bayou and forgotten. Miraculously, I emerged 30 days later with a new face and healed body. I was met by an old crone, Madame Delfine who gave me enough cash to rent a room for a week and a finely tailored suit. I have seen her only on rare occasions during my life since. Who she is and her connection to my resurrection remain a mystery to this day.

Upon my last death, I had lived as Clevon de la Ronde, a well connected member of the New Orleans crime family. I was serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for taking the lead in the assassination of enemies to the leadership in the family. I drowned to death during Katrina as the Orleans Parish Prison was abandoned by the guards. I awoke 30 days later and found myself washed up on the banks of the bayou. I lived as a vagrant for a eight months while gathering resources from stashes I had placed around the city.

I have lived in New Orleans for approximately 175 years. Once I tried to leave but, about the time I was arriving in Baton Rogue, I was stricken with a peculiar illness and felt compelled to turn back. As I neared closer to New Orleans, I was relieved of my maladies and reasoned that my health is tied to this infernal city.

One unpleasant caveat of my new existence is that I must dine on insects, not exclusively, but every few days. I found that if I do not partake I begin to lapse into a hibernation state, my skin becoming like chitin. I have a natural compulsion to eat them which I believe is a survival instinct. I have become fairly neutral about devouring them, but hide it from everyone around me, as such an act is not looked upon well in polite company.

The one failure that plagues me is that I let my wife, Brigid, die at the hands of rivals to my underboss in the Orleans crime family. They struck at me personally to send a message. This led to my series of killings and subsequent incarceration.

I will fix this though. First I need control of the ley lines that run through New Orleans. My schools are all methodically built on top of these lines. The architecture is designed as a conduit for the power to flow. I will use this cosmic power to resurrect my Brigid and make her immortal like myself. These ley lines attract demons like fireflies to porchlight, so that is a bit of a problem.

Victor LaFitte

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