Elouise is a young woman of mixed decent. She stands around 5’2" and is normally dressed in light, summery colours.

Most of the time she is happy go lucky. She tries to be the best person she possibly can, but her current ‘situation’ has complicated things. Recently, her demeanor has begun to change and she has found it harder and harder to keep her cool. The constant hunger for blood can do that to a person.


A native to New Orleans, Elouise grew up in a happy home. Elouise’s mother lived in New Orleans her entire life and her father was an immigrant from France. Her parents had a storybook romance, which was cut short when both died in a car accident while Elousie was studying in University. Graduating a fairly average student from nursing school, she began her life as an adult alone.

Then, walking home from work one night she was mowed down by a werewolf and left to die. That was, until Jacques saved her, a local vampire who needed a blood supply. Now, Elouise must struggle with the insatiable urge to drink blood and a hunger in her stomach she is never able to fill.


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