Sean Healy

The Hunter


General Info

Look: Male, Caucasian (Irish), Casual Clothing

Demeanor: Friendly


Blood: 2
Heart: 0
Mind: 1
Spirit: -1


Mortality: 3
Night: 0
Power: -1
Wild: 0 – X


»» A shitty apartment, a Chevy Camaro, a cell phone
»» 3 custom weapons:
Bow (4-harm close/far reload blessed) (Big, High Powered, Holy)
Pistol (2-harm close silenced silver cold iron) (Silenced, silvered, cold iron)
Crescent (2-harm hand +anchored +reputation) (Famed, Enchanted, Head)



Madame Floral gave me a package to deliver to Miles, and I didn’t, because I diverted to a hunt. I owe her 2 debts.

I hired Karlos for a job. To track Remiel, the demon who killed Monique. He owes me 2 debts.

Elouise Toutant owes me 3 debts – Two for me getting her blood and bodies, one for me being her friend and bailing her out of other situations

Victor LaFitte owes me 1 debt- I’m protecting Victor and his interests from demons.



Who are you?
- Hi! I’m Sean Healy! I kill demons. Other things too. But lots of demons. I’m also a bicycle courier. Don’t laugh! It’s awesome! Also, I’ll kill you. Just joking! Or not.

How long have you been in the city?
- Just a couple years. Came here after everything went down with my old hunting group. After Monique died, and then Sam decided to take vengeance with what amounted to a suicide attack.

How did you become a hunter?
- Monique saved my life. Basically I followed her around like a puppy after that. Kind of adored her. Had a crush on her, totally. She couldn’t get rid of me, saw I had potential, trained me.

What do you hunt, primarily?
- Demons. I’m at a place where I try to kill things that actually make a difference to kill. Possessor demons, with their masks, once you kill them they’re gone for good. That’s a huge win.

What are their strengths and weaknesses?
- They can possess people. There are rules, they can’t possess anyone at any time, but they can possess lots of different people, so you can never tell who’s going to be one. And that’s not even mentioning their own particular brand of terrifying demonic magicks and super strength.

What terrible thing have you done to yourself to help even the playing field?
- I like to kill them from afar. Safely. Silently. To do that, I need to have perfect accuracy. I had a warlock do some magic with the blood of someone I’ve killed on my eyes. They’re weird now, but the good news is at night, if I focus, I can see incredibly well. To the point where I can even see a little into the future. Makes it much easier to put my arrows where it’ll matter. Also, I’m covered in tattoos made of demon blood that only come out at night. Weird quirk of the old group.

How are you like them?
- I wear a mask. Being friendly is an act. Underneath, I’m well-used to being a cold-blooded killer. I want to do good, but it’s all too easy for me to do bad.

Sean Healy

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